‘Mission Metropolis’ – 12 European cities.

The Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization has launched its first major global initiative. It’s called theMission Metropolis‘, and set to begin on Ash Wednesday in 12 European cities. It will last throughout the season of Lent. On the list is Barcelona, Lisbon, Brussels, Dublin, Liverpool, Paris, Turin, Warsaw, Vienna and Budapest. The Vatican’s plan for the New Evangelization includes public readings of the Gospel of St. Mark, the book “The Confessions” by St. Augustine, and a vigil of repentance.

Cardinal Peter Erdö from Budapest has been involved with his diocese, in preparing Mission Metropolis.

Card. Peter Erdö Archbishop of Budapest (Hungary)
“We have a day of penance in the cathedral where there will be confession all day. Several churches of the diocese are being organized to help young people to also take part.”

Helping move this project forward is Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization. During Mission Metropolis, he will also do readings from the Gospel of St. Mark and St. Augustine’s book “The Confessions.”  In Budapest, they’ve asked for a very special collaboration.

Card. Peter Erdö Archbishop of Budapest (Hungary)
“Some famous actors, cultural figures will read in the cathedral, the entire Gospel of St. Mark, which will be televised and then a celebration of Mass.”

But Cardinal Erdö does not want to limit the Metropolis Mission to just Lent. He’s creating a much more ambitious plan. He believes the New Evangelization must pass through the houses of every Catholic family in Budapest.

Card. Peter Erdö Archbishop of Budapest (Hungary)
“We visit all the Catholic families of the diocese, it’s a huge undertaking that will last at least four years and requires the help of pastoral workers, different aides and parishes. It will be necessary to prepare many laypeople under the guidance of their pastor to visit families and increase their faith.”

The Mission Metropolis will take place in 12 major cities of mainland Europe.

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