Asia Pacific Visitors meet at Mysore, India

The Asia Pacific Visitors Conference (APVC) meeting  was held at Mysore in the CM Province of South India.   Fr Wilson Chellan CM, Provincial of the South India Province,  is the new President of APVC.  The meeting was grateful for the presence and  guidance of Fr. Varghese Thottamkara, Assistant General. A number of resolutions were passed at the meeting,   among them being the official acceptance of the Vice-Province of Vietnam as a full member of APVC.  Fr Agustin Huu CM is the first Vice- Visitor of the new Vice Province.

The meeting also discussed the APVC response to natural and manmade calamities in the Asia Pacific Region, migration and asylum seekers, issues concerning possible reconfiguration of some Provinces, reports from Visitors concerning LINES OF ACTION to which the APVC  committed itself at the last  CM General Assembly in 2010, and the experience of newly ordained Priests and newly professed Brothers.

Appreciation and congratulations were expressed to Bishop Roland Santos CM DD, the previous president of the APVC, and also to the new Vice Province of Vietnam of which Fr Agustin Huu CM is the first Vice-Provincial Visitor.  As a show of support and solidarity, APVC will be strongly represented at the celebrations for  the inauguration of the new Vice Province  during February .26-28, 2012,  by the Provincial Visitors of Australia, China, Indonesia, Philippines,

The APVC thanked Fr. Armada, CM, for the wonderful work of printing  the English translated book  of  Fr. Guiseppe Toscani, CM, “THE MYSTQUE OF THE POOR”,  and also expressed appreciation for the the services of Fr. Serafin F. Peralta, CM, who has served as the Executive Secretary of APVC a since 2006.

Thanks were also expressed to the Province of South India through Fr Wilson Chellan CM, and to all those involved in organizing and running the meeting,  for the welcome given, the facilities made available,  and opportunities presented for an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Source: Australian CM site.

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