Vietnam – Vice-Province

“With the consent of the members of the Council General, according to article 107.3  of our Constitions, on 28th February 2012, according to article 107.3 of our Constitutions,  I erect the present Region  into the Vice Province of Vietnam, which will have all the rights and obligations of the Vice Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission, according to our Constitutions and Statures.”

With these words, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Fr Gregory Gay CM, announced last week at Dalat, Indonesia,  the erection of the new Vice Province of Vietnam.   The photo above shows Fr Nguyen Huu Gia CM, former Regional Superior, and now Vice Visitor of the new Vice Province, accepting the decree.

For more details, some photos, and a short history of the new Vice Province – go to the link: VIETNAM VICE PROVINCE  .

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