Asia Pacific Regional Formators – Commission of Culture and Charism

Fr.Varghese reports… “From March 19-29, the Vincentian APRF – CCC (Asia Pacific Regional Formators & Commission of Culture and Charism) met in southern Taiwan at the newly constructed Beatitude Mountain Retreat – Meeting Center. There were 18 CMs confreres who came from their native Asian Pacific countries or who worked in Asian Pacific countries (Indonesia, the South and North India Provinces, the Philippines, Vietnam, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Fuji) Along with the 8 China Province confreres who joined the group, there were some 26 Formators for the meeting. Talks were given by Fr. Varghese Thottamkara (Creative Fidelity to our Mission and Ministries); Sr. Clara Jiang, MMB (Intimate Relationships in Pastoral Ministry/ Differences Between Men and Woman); Paul Brahathi (Biblical Model of Leadership); Fr. Hugh O’Donnell (The Way of St. Vincent/ A Journey of Transformation/ 10 Principles of Servant Leadership/ Integral Formation in the Vincentian Charism)

“During the weekend of travel (March 24-25), the group visited the oldest Church (Basilica) in Taiwan, Seaworld, and two Vincentian parishes where the CMs serve the Aborigine People. A night was spent in the Hot Springs and an afternoon and evening in Kaohsiung City joining Catholics from 3 CM parishes in the Kaohsiung Diocese for dinner in the tallest building in Kaohsiung.

“Fr. Kusno Bintoro (Provincial of the China Province) and the rest of the Province’s confreres went out of their way to make the CM brothers from abroad feel right at home and make sure the Participants in the Formation Meeting were well fed. The next APRF CCC meeting? The Philippines!

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