The International Center of Formation for priests and brothers of the Congregation of the Mission


CIF: our name in French is “Centre International de Formation”
Over 1000 participants from 46 provinces and vice-provinces since 1993

CIF is about Roots, Renewal, and Future Mission
CIF retrieves the charism of Saint Vincent for our time
Bridging the 17th and 21st Centuries

The International Formation Centers (CIF) is a work of the Congregation of the Mission. Established in 1992 by the Superior General with his council to offer programs of ongoing Vincentian formation, CIF was developed primarily for members of the Congregation of the Mission, but members of other groups sharing in the Vincentian charism are welcome.

CIF has its home at the Maison-Mère (literally “Mother House,” i.e. the Central House of Vincentian Priests and Brothers) of the Congregation of the Mission in Paris, where Saint Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) spent his life in the service of the Gospel and the poor and where the body of Vincent is enshrined in the main chapel. The responsibility for CIF rests with the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission. The team consists of the director, Father Dan Paul Borlik and the assistant director, Father Adam Bandura, both members of the Congregation of the Mission.

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