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2017 Programs

CIF   for  the Vincentian  Family  II

It is  for congregations or institutions inspired in our charism, as well as for  confreres who are working in several activities with the Vincentian Family.

The topics will be:

  • what is the Vincentian Family ;
  • how to carry on working together having as a goal  to wholly dignify poor people;
  • what was the original inspiration of St Vincent and St Louise, the roots and try to go deep and explore them;  other important human beings within the Vincentian Family ;
  • as well as Vincentian Spirituality  and  Ethics

Incredible trips to Vincentian places will complete the training

The course will be in English, Spanish and French

Paris. 25 April through 23 May 2017

The cost  2000euros

CIF for our Senior Confreres XVI

It is what we call a “mini CIF” (TIC), being shorter   in time and a bit more specific in relation to its agenda.

We know that permanent training cannot finish with youthfulness. In fact, it must continue throughout one’s life.

In this case we are talking of confreres having at least 20  years since their clerical ordination.  We will consider what is the sense of life and the Vincentian life attending to those most in need.

The requests of the 42nd  General Assembly  in relation to the fact that Vincentian activity should be Solidarity, Intercultural and Merciful will be included .

The comprehension of the rules and the Constitutions  will be deeply analyzed.

Paris. From October 6th to November 3rd, 2017

The cost is 2000 euros

Other Activities

Then there will be other activities as the Meeting of European Seminarians, and the Meeting of Vincentian Librarians and Archivists, who need some confirmations.

Although we are aware of it, it is relevant to remember that the GENERAL GOALS OF THE CIF are renewal: both personal and jointly.

We will take into account the knowledge of our common history and the Vincentian Charism.  Reflections about  the  documents. concerning our congregation, our historical roots and Vincentian inheritance will be carried out.

At the same time, as we cannot remain only in the past, we are looking forward to a dialogue with the present society  about problems in the XXI  century, paying attention to the requests of the Church and its  last well informed  documents.

The CIF  is quite interested  in introducing a pastoral theologic reflection about  our nature and the variety of our  apostleships.

Each meeting of the CIF(TIC)  shares the following features:

1.-They will be carried out at the Vincentian Motherhouse, 92 rue de Sévres, 75006, Paris. We are talking about the Vincentian Historical  House since  the XIX century.  It is located  in the heart of Paris  with lots of  available  public transport that will allow you to easily get there.

2.-This Motherhouse is quite comfortable for all the members of our Vincentian Family.

3.-All the chapels of the Motherhouse, specially the one where St Vincent's tomb is ( and other saints  of the congregation are too), as well as the  Chapel where  the  Virginof the Miraculous Medal appeared, invite you to pray and meditation.
Otherwise there are several churches we are going to be able to visit.

4.-Special extra material will be given to you. This material will be written in the three official languages of our congregation:  French, English and Spanish. It will be available in digital format.
On the other hand there are two libraries with lots of interesting books.

5.- The conferences and discussions will be accompanied  by guided visits to Vincentian places in and out of Paris.


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