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What does it really mean to be a Vincentian? Find out!

GA 2016 1

Congregation of the Missison: General Assembly 2016 Let us allow ourselves to be renewed by the missionary vitality of our Vincentian vocation. Follow us:  #AG2016CM  #Chicago2016CM
CIRCULAR: TEMPO FORTE (June 4-8, 20128) 

CIRCULAR: TEMPO FORTE (June 4-8, 20128) 

Rome, 3 July 2018  To all the confreres of the Congregation of the Mission:  Do not keep the past in front of you because it can paralyze you. Keep it at your side and it will help you to live in the preset (Valero Albisetti).  Dear confreres:  May the Holy Spirit...

FHA’s 13 Houses Campaign

Welcome to the 13 Houses Campaign and thank you for your interest!   We are currently working to get the website for the 13 Houses Campaign up and running so please follow us on facebook and twitter to get updates on the latest status! In the meantime, we would...

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