2013 Visitors Meeting

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Documents from the meeting:

MONDAY, 1 JULY – Day of Retreat
Our Vincentian Identity in the Church Today
Director: Jose Mendoza
PDF |  Word Doc

TUESDAY, 2 JULY –  “Deepening our Charism”

  • Opening address to Visitors by G. Gregory Gay, CM
    PDFWord Doc
  • Presentation on Finanaces and Resources for the Mission
    Joe Gedders, CM, Econome General
  • Panel on Economic Solidarity: Greg Gay, Joe Geders, Bob Maloney
    PDF |  Word Doc
  • Work in small language groups

Documents  published in CMGlobal are also available online from

WEDNESDAY, 3 JULY – Evaluation of Implementation of theG 2010 LInes of Action
Presentations by the Presidents of the Visitors Conference (10 minutes each)
  • National Conference of Visitors  (NCV)  Mike Carroll PDF |Word Doc
  • Asia Pacific Visitors Conference  (APVC) Chellan Wilson,   PDFWord Doc
  • Conference of European Visitors (CEVIM) – Pavle Novak PDF | Word Doc
  • Conference of Latin American Visitors. (CLAPVI) Fabiano Spisla – PDF | Word Doc
  • Conference of the Visitors of Africa and Madagascar (COVIAM)  Fanta Shikune Getahun – PDF | Word Doc
THURSDAY, 4 JULY – The Reality of the Congregation Today
How Does the Congregation Understand Mission Today
  • The Sense of Belonging to the Congregation: Javier Alvarez PDF | PDF
  • Our Missionary Identity as Expressed in the International Missions: Varghese Thottamkara PDF | Word Doc
  • The New Evangelization:  Eli Chaves dos Santos  PDF | Word Doc
  • Formation for the Mission: Stanislav Zontak PDF  | Word Doc
  • Africa: Get Up and Walk (Mt 9:6): Zeracristos
FRIDAY, 5 JULY – Formation for the Mission: the Ratio Formationis
  • The Commission for the Ratio Formationis: Jerry Luttenberger PDF | Word Doc
SATURDAY, 6 JULY – Formation for the Mission, continued
  • CIF Evaluation led by Stanislav Zontak ( Assistant General) and CIF Directors Marcelo Manitin and Dan Borlik PDF|  Word Doc
  • SIEV: John Maher PDF | Word Doc
  • Commission on Islam: Franz Kangler, CM PDFWord Doc
  • VSO Report: Miles Heinen PDF | Word Doc
MONDAY, 8 JULY –  Reconfiguration: “Not Yet All We Can Be”
  • Reconfiguration: Taking Stock of the Storeroom of Our Souls:  Greg Gay, CM PDF | Word Doc
  • Panel on Reconfiguration PDF | Word Doc
  • Carolyn Woo, Executive Director of Catholic Relief Services ORDO-PromoTXTPDFWord Doc
  • Who is Carolyn Wo0?  –  YouTube video
  • Panel Presentation on Interprovincial Collaboration: Enrique Alagarda PDF | Word Doc
TUESDAY, 9 JULY – Parishes in the context of Our Vincentian Mission
  • Elements for a Reflection About Our Vincentian Ministry in Parishes: Stanislav Zontak, Eli Chavez
    PDF | Word Doc
  • Compilation of reflections on Vincentian Parishes PDF | Word doc
WEDNESDAY, 10 JULY – Walking Together in Mission: Vincentian Family
  • Vincentian Family Today: Eli Chavez PDF | Word Doc
  • Vincentian Family Collaboration Commission: Joe Agostino
  • Panel Presentation on Collaboration with the Vincentian Family
    in North India :
    Joseph Maniangat PDF Word Doc
    in Brazil Fabiano Spisia
    in Slovakia Joseph Noga
  • The Vincentian Family in the World: NGO’s at the United Nations (Panel Presentation)
    for the Congregation of the Mission Joe Foley, CM
    for the Daughters of Charity Germain Price, DC
    for the Sisters of Charity Federation Caroljean Willie, SC
  • the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative Joe Agostino PDF | Word Doc
  • Fight Against Hunger Josef Noga PDF | Word Doc
THURSDAY, 11 JULY – Facing Our Challenges Together
  • Confreres in Difficulty Javier Alvarez PDF | Word Doc
  • Communications in the Congregation of the Mission
    Communications Today John Maher PDF | Word Doc
    Report of the Secretary General John Maher & Giuseppe Turati PDF | Word Doc
FIRDAY, 12 JULY –  Ministries in Support of the Mission
  • Provincial Planning Joe Agostino PDF  | Word Doc
  • Systemic Change Bob Maloney, Giuseppe Turati & Jim Claffey PDF | Word Doc
SATURDAY, 13 JULY – Final Reflections, Closing Remarks & Homily at Mass
  •  Closing remarks, Visitor’s Mtg.  Greg Gay, CM
  • Homily at Closing Mass: Greg Gay, CM   PDF | Word Doc

Schedule and Documents | Participants |  News/Updates | facebook  | twitter  | youtube