Provinces of Argentina and Slovenia collaborate

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Provinces of Argentina and Slovenia collaborate – On Sunday June 28th, the Fathers Daniel Rosales and Gustavo González as members of the Provincial Council of Argentinia, headed traveled to Chile to participate in a meeting with the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Gregory Gay.

The meeting took place on MondayJune  29 in the morning. One of the issues to be addressed was the collaboration with the Province of Slovenia in the work that they have in Lanús (parish, school, nursing home, Atheneum, sports field, etc.). The Argentinian Province is working with our missionaries in this work. This has been carried out through oral agreements and, in recent times, with written agreements. They are evaluating other steps to take, then, staff shortages in the Province of Slovenia and the seeking other ways of collaborating enter the Provinces.
Let us continue to pray that we can continue exploring ways to bring us closer to the fidelity of our charism.

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