Beginning of the beatification process for Leopoldina Brandis, DC

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Two Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal and three members of the Congregation of the Mission pictured in front of the tomb of Sr. Leopoldina Brandis, DC, in the Provincial house of the Daughters of Charity, Graz, Austria.

Beginning of the beatification process for Leopoldina Brandis, DC

Representatives from the Daughters of Charity, Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal and the Congregation of the Mission, met on the 6th of October, 2015 with the Bishop of Graz, Austria, Dr. Wilhelm Krawtwaschl to officially ask for the process of beatification to begin.

With the support of Bishop Dr. Wilhelm Krawtwaschl, the process has now officially started.


Leopoldina Brandis was born on November 27, 1819, in the city of Graz, Austria, to the family of earls. She was raised in a profoundly Christian atmosphere. In her family, Leopoldina received the gift of compassion for people in need. The Brandises offered much their property for Church needs. Facing human sufferings created a desire in her heart to sacrifice her life for the poor and the sick following the example of St. Vincent, whom the Brandises honored very much. However, her parents had other plans for Leopoldina. They prepared her for  marriage. Leopoldina revealed her dreams about religious life to her spiritual director, Bishop Zengerle, and he backed her.

She began her road of following Jesus in Munich. Leopoldina dreamed of becoming a Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, but it was only in Munich when she found out she had joined the wrong order. Having returned to Graz, she tried to get in touch with the Daughters of Charity in Paris. While in Paris she learned the spirituality of St. Vincent. Later, having overcome different obstacles, she joined a convent of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent in Graz. She was the first provincial of the Graz Province. She led this province for 50 years. Leopoldina sacrificed her social status, used all of her talents, her education and contacts for the sake of serving to the poor and the sick, like her spiritual father, St. Vincent de Paul had done.

People in need, the poor, the sick and those in need of help and care sought Leopoldina’s assistance. But she could not meet their requests because of some current restrictions and rules. To some extent, it brought about a conflict in her heart: on the one hand, she was faithful and obedient to all Congregation rules to the end, but on the other hand, her heart was compassionate with poor and sick people, whom she wished to help and who were a voice of God to her. She arrived at the following solution: she would start preparing girls she knew to get involved in caring for the sick. In that way, on July 16, 1878, a new congregation appeared – the Sisters’ Community for Caring for the Sick (presently known as the Marian Sisters of the Miraculous Medal).

Awareness of the fact that Leopoldina Brandis deserves being declared Blessed and later a Saint, lives among the Marian Sisters and the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. The beatification process led by Bishop of Graz, Dr. Wilhelm Krautwaschl, has been launched, and for this reason, we can already call her by the title of Servant of God.



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