The “Green Shoots” Project – Lempira, Honduras

Honduras-Proyecto-Brotes-2015The “Green Shoots” Project – Lempira, Honduras

By: Isaac Demets, CM

Ten years ago a Daughter of Charity, Sister Lorena, and a Vincentian Missionary, Father Jesús Palau, together with some educators, established the “Green Shoots” Project in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.  This project is geared toward children (boys and girls) between the ages of 6 and 17.  The present administrator and coordinator of this project is Father José Vicente Nácher, CM from the Province of Barcelona.  According to the statistics that the program has maintained, during the past ten years some five thousand children have been the beneficiaries of this project.

This project was started as a response to the social and educational situation in which some of the children of Puerto Lempira find themselves, that is, a situation that is the result of family disintegration and the lack of economic resources.  All of those factors have consequences that are very visible in the percent of children who leave school before graduation, the high percentage of children who are employed as laborers and the misuse of free time.  Those same factors also lead to an increase in drug abuse, crime and violence.

This project is geared toward providing these children and their parents with social, educational, cultural and health resources.  This program has a very clear objective: to prevent children from entering into a life of crime and drug addiction.  Some fundamental lines of actions are derived from said objective: to strengthen an attitude of responsibility in the family, the community, as well as among local authorities and to prevent children from falling victim to any kind of exploitation … and to do all of this by promoting the values of the Kingdom, namely, life, the family, etc.

This project attempts to offer an integral education to children who are at risk.  The program seeks to offer children a type of formation, recreation, and education that will enable them to grow and create a new society in which the family recovers its role of providing for the integral well-being of its children.

We provide below a link that will enable you to view the web page of the daily newspaper, La Prensa, the most widely read paper in Honduras.  There you will be able to read news that is related to this project of Green Shoots.

Translated: Charles T. Plock, CM

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