ENcuentro CLAPVI 1V Meeting of CLAPVI Formators 


By: César Chaves, CM


At the Seminary Villa Paul the V Encounter of Formators is being held.  This gathering was organized by CLAPVI and began on February 1st … it will continue until February 13th.  The theme of the Encounter is “The New Ratio Formationis of the Congregation of the Mission”.


Fifty-seven Missionaries are participating in this gathering: formators and individuals responsible for vocational promotion from Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Curitiba, Peru, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Central America, Costa Rica and Mexico.  The seminarists and theologians from Colombia are also participating in this event.


The main theme revolves around the eight chapters of the Ratio Formationis and therefore deals with the various stages of the formation process in the Congregation of the Mission, the formation of the Brothers, the year of internship, ongoing formation, the formation of the formators and various other aspects (psychological, homosexuality and pedophilia).


The methodology of the gathering involves two conferences in the morning and group work and workshops in the afternoon.  It is hoped that this encounters will deepen the study, reflection and implementation of the new Ratio in each of the Provinces.  As in previous gatherings, it is felt that the sharing that occurs during this event has been most enriching.



Translated: Charles T. Plock, CM