Superior General speaks to confreres in Lenten Letter 2017

Our Superior General writes in his Lenten Letter 2017…

May the grace and peace of Jesus be always with us!

…The season of Lent is near at hand! In my first letter as Superior General for the feast of our Founder on 27 September, I started to reflect on our main sources of inspiration besides the Holy Bible: our Common Rules and Constitutions. The Advent letter was a prolongation of it. In this year’s Lenten letter, I would like to continue in the same direction by reflecting on the Common Rules and Constitutions.

In fact, the Common Rules and the Constitutions will become the base and source of all the reflections in the Advent and Lenten letters, as well as the letter for the feast of our Founder, in the following six years, leading to our next General Assembly in 2022.

In both previous letters, I expressed my heart’s desire, encouraged, and asked each member of our “Little Company” to embrace our Common Rules and Constitutions as an inseparable tool for the development of our vocation, our road to sanctity, and the mission entrusted to each one of us by Jesus, the Evangelizer of the Poor!

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One Response to Superior General speaks to confreres in Lenten Letter 2017

  1. The Rev. Dr. Edward Ambrose "Ed" February 28, 2017 at 2:16 pm #

    As I concluded reading the letter from Father Tomaz, I prayed that I shall tap into the grace to reflect the divine relationships within the Divine Persons of the Trinity. By God’s grace alone, I hope to do this in dealing with each person whom I shall meet.

    Thus,by my loving others,may all come to know the mercy,love and omnipotence of Our Savior who is,indeed,Our Lord.

    Thanks for sending this Mardi Gras meditation down the line,Father John! i shall need to fast from pride during this Lent and love my neighbors instead. That’s a huge job for this old man but our loving God outmatches all human pride. Blessed Lent to All!

    Ed Ambrose

    AA<St. Joe's,1957