Fr. Mizael Donizetti Poggioli, CM reflects on “A woman called Louise”…

I remember a woman named Louise de
Marillac. For those who know something about her life, they understand that her life is a great story of putting experiences into perspective. Despite the innumerable internal struggles that accompanied her throughout her life, she became a full woman, fully human.

At the height of her life, she accepted all the implications of her deep faith and engaged in bold projects … something that we can find only in people of determination. All those projects had clear and precise objectives.

When she came to an understanding of the mission for which God called her, she did not hesitate to put all her effort into the tasks that had to be accomplished. She is a saint because everything that she coordinated and did provides, and will continue to provide, a foundation for any and all tasks that are to be done when caring for those men and women who are poor.  

Louise de Marillac was a woman of unparalleled intelligence. 
Louise de Marillac was gifted as an organizer. 

 Louise de Marillac was also a gifted educator.

A Woman Called Louise de Marillac