Golden Jubilee Celebration of Two Youngest Dutch Confreres

Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Priestly Ordination of Two Youngest Dutch Confreres

          It may seem a bit strange but it is true that the two confreres who celebrated their golden jubilee of their priestly ordination on 14 May 2017 in Panningen, Holland, are the youngest in the former Dutch Province. Indeed, Harrie JASPERS & Chris JANSSEN, belong to the last but one batch ordained priests in the year 1967. The last batch was ordained priests in 1968 and they were three. Unfortunately, all the three in the last batch left the priesthood. Thus Harrie Jaspers and Chris Janssen became the Benjamins in the former Dutch Province.

Age is an issue of the mind and important thing in life is to keep the mind young. Anyone who stops loving is old whether at eighteen or eighty.  Anyone who keeps loving stays young. The celebration of the 50th ordination anniversary of Frs. Harre and Chris has shown that youth is a matter of heart and spirit. They keep their mind always young.

 Harrie and Chris were very much exited during the beautiful Golden Jubilee celebration attended by their family members, friends, Daughters of Charity, CM Confreres and myself, representing the Curia. I could notice the tears of joy and gratitude flowing from their eyes. They are in the late seventies but their heart and mind seem to be that of seventeen years old. Yes, Harrie and Chris don’t seem to be tired of loving Jesus; they don’t seem to be tired of loving the Church and the Congregation of the Mission; above all, they don’t seem to be tired of loving and serving the poor, their Lords and Masters. Good for them. May their passion for serving the poor be a model for others who are becoming old in their youth. May the Good Lord bless their priestly and missionary lives. May they remain always blessed!

Both Harrie and Chris have large families with a number of brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. All of them were present for the celebration and their presences added beauty to the celebration. It is unusual in Holand, in the present age, to have large families.  I wish both Harrie and Chris the very best in the world.

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  1. The Rev. Dr. Edward Ambrose "Ed" May 30, 2017 at 1:06 pm #

    Although I have never met your confreres,Fathers Harry and Chris, they seem to have learned well “holy indifference” to God’s perfect will together with commitment to our Lord through faithfulness to your community. If I recall accurately,these are virtuous outcomes of “internal seminary” learnings. Thank you,Father Freund, for presenting this inspiration drawn from the Vincentian priestly lives of Chris and Harry.