Hugo Marcelo Vega, CM, Director of Communications for the Province of Argentina reports on 5 conclusions.


The Province of Argentina held its Provincial Assembly from July17-21, 2017.  A total of 16 missionaries participated in this event: one delegate from each house; 3 delegates elected by all the members of the province; 2 delegates Ex Officio (the Visitor and the Assistant Visitor/Treasurer).


We discussed the themes proposed by the recent General Assembly and in fact, the Final Document of the Assembly provided us with a basis for our dialogue:  Four Hundred Years of Fidelity to Its Charism and the New Evangelization.


Gerardo García (a layman) and Jorge Seibol, SJ accompanied us during this time and made various presentations which enlightened our dialogue.


During the Assembly we utilized a methodology which involved the presentation of the various themes and group work.  During the final days, the group work was discussed in a plenary session and was intended to lead to the approval of a final document.


Here are some of the conclusions of the Assembly:

  • Accompany and care for those persons who feel excluded, who cannot approach sacramental communion … receiving and welcoming these individuals into our communities.
  • Making ourselves available: exchanges with other provinces and collaborating in present day international missions.
  • Participate in civil and ecclesial organizations in order to better the life of those who are poor … networking with other groups and/or organizations.
  • Better our mission experience (summer mission, mission during Easter Week and other times during the year). Participate in concrete projects with the Vincentian Family
  • Propagate the life and the work of Vincent de Paul in all our ministries.


Translated by:

Charles T. Plock, CM

Philadelphia Province