CIF Vincentian Heritage Program Fall 2017

CIF 2016

Andres Motto of the Province of Argentina and Director of CIF writes…

Dear Brothers,

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ always accompany us!

Allow me to make a new invitation to the monthly CIF course dedicated to priests and brothers from the 20 years of votes or over 50 years. This course is called “Heritage”. Since it is dedicated to deepen our Vincentian heritage. It is usually done every two years. Even those who have already completed the training CIF for two months can do so.

I like statistics, and if we look at them, there are many confreres who have not done any CIF experience in Paris. I invite you as I think it is an experience worthy of being made. It is valid for our personal, communal and apostolic life. This year there are numerous activities for the 400 years of the birth of our charism, the CIF of the “inheritance” is one of them.

What will we do? The CIF of the “Heritage” aims at the revitalization of the charism. We will take a serious look at the past, studying the Vincentian charism in its cultural context. And seeing its historical evolution. From that look to the past, we will look at the present and the future. We will try to see what are the most urgent problems in the world of the poor, seeking possible solutions from charity and mission. Discerning how to act before the multiple challenges that we face. As you can see, it is a way of “injecting new sap” into the experience of our charism. The participants, having spent several years of missionary life, have experienced difficulties, failures but also achievements and joys in the Vincentian life. From that experience of life you can better understand the essentials of our life. It will also be a time to rethink our life, the stages of life and what we want to do from now on.

This CIF will give us tools to renew ourselves from formation, prayer and coexistence. To be better Vincentian servants of the poor in the 21st century. Likewise, we will incorporate the requests of the 42nd General Assembly that proposes a Vincentian activity: Solidarity, Intercultural and Merciful. Finally, we will devote a little time to deepen the understanding of the Rules and the Constitutions.

Where and when will we live this proposal? The CIF of Maturity will live in our Motherhouse in Paris. From October 6 to November 3 of the 2,017. In the beautiful autumnal France and with sufficient free time to be able to know many beautiful places of Paris.

Is there more information? Yes, the course will be taught in English, Spanish and French. The total cost of the course of one month is € 2,000. Includes accommodation, meals, conferences, pilgrimages and material. A very affordable price for what are the current costs in France and particularly in Paris. Ah! As the Mother House of the CM has a large number of visitors, we must confirm our participation before September 25, 2017. From that date will be impossible to add more participants. There is more information, but we will give it in the letters that we give to those who are already registered as participants.


Andrés R. M. MOTTO, C.M.

Director of the CIF.

Any information I would ask you to write to my e-mail

Thank you very much!!


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