With over 6,000 participants already registered, it is urgent that we heed this letter from the Superior General.

Rome, 11 August 2017

To all the Visitors, Provincial Secretaries, and Superiors of the International Missions

Re: Registration for the Symposium

Dear Confreres,

May the grace and peace of Jesus be always with us!

I am writing to you with regard to the Symposium that will take place in Rome (12-15 October). Every confrere, who wishes to participate in this event, should register or should be registered (by you or someone else) on the indicated website by 1 September 2017. If a letter of invitation is necessary in order to obtain a visa, those requests must also be sent by 1 September. NO EXCEPTONS will be made with regard to this matter.

Please, as the one responsible for the province or the international mission, inform the confreres and the other members of the Vincentian Family, members of the Vincentian parishes, schools, and all those who might desire to participate in this event that they must register online by 1 September. If it is more convenient, one person, who is responsible for a specific group, can register all the members of said group. In that way, people who do not have access to the internet, but who wish to participate, can be registered.

With much joy, we hope to see you in October as we celebrate together the jubilee of the birth of our charism.

Your brother in Saint Vincent,

Tomaž Mavrič, CM

Superior General