Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, our Superior General makes his annual mission appeal. He titles it “A call to renew the zeal, passion, and fire for the Missions Ad Gentes”


To all the members of the Congregation of the Mission


My dear brothers,


May the grace and peace of Jesus be always with us!


My heart is full of joy, enthusiasm, and hope as I write this letter of Mission Appeal to all the confreres around the world on the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism. Providence brought us to this point of history. Providence will lead us into the future.


Let me first express my heartfelt thankfulness for the tremendous witness of love of the members of the Congregation of the Mission toward the missions Ad Gentes. This love, commitment, dedication are expressed in different ways:


• by going personally to the missions Ad Gentes;
• by deeply committed prayer to accompany the confreres serving in the missions;
• by the openness of the provinces, vice-provinces, and regions to allow confreres to serve in the Missions ad Gentes;
• by a willingness to support financially the foundation of new missions around the world, as well as to help develop and accompany the already existing International Missions in their process toward self-sufficiency.


“If a person dreams alone, a dream remains a dream. If we dream together, the dream becomes a reality”!


My dear confreres, in this year 2017, the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism, I would like to launch a concrete mission appeal to all the confreres around the world as a tangible sign and fruit of this “year of grace” for the entire Congregation of the Mission, for the entire Vincentian Family.


My concrete call, appeal, invitation is, as a sign of deep thankfulness for all graces received in the 400-year history of our charism, to send 1% of the members of the Congregation of the Mission to the missions Ad Gentes. One percent of the total number of missionaries in the Congregation of the Mission today involves around 30 missionaries. To respond to this call, appeal, invitation, we need a positive response from 30 confreres who would be willing to go to an already existing International Mission or to a new International Mission.


We constantly receive invitations from bishops of different mission countries around the world, expressing pressing needs in the various fields of service that our charism embraces: direct service to the poor, formation, etc. Depending on the number of responses, we will be able to answer some requests and respond to tremendous needs in so many corners of the world. By receiving 30 positive answers in this 400th Anniversary Year, we will be able to:


• reinforce the existing International Missions and
• open new International Missions.


Although the response may come this year, the actual realization of going to one of the missions Ad Gentes will materialize in one, two, or maybe three years. This will allow the confrere to have sufficient time to prepare for his new mission and to pass on his present assignment to the confrere replacing him. It also will give provincial, vice-provincial, and regional leadership time to plan and adjust for any changes that need to be made.


• After a period of serious discernment, if you feel moved to volunteer for the missions Ad Gentes, please send your letter or email to Rome by 30 November 2017 or again by 20 February 2018, so that we can review requests at our Tempo Forte meetings in December 2017 and March 2018.
• Confreres who volunteer should inform their Visitor that they have done so. Later the Superior General will dialogue with the Visitor about the matter.
• Your letter should give some background knowledge about your person, your ministerial experience, your languages, and your formation. It should also express any particular interests you have, such as the mission in which you would like to take part.
• Even if you have already written in the past, please make contact again.


Having in mind our present International Missions, as well as future new International Missions, we would like to ask the confrere about his availability:


• immediately in 2018;
• in 2018, later in the year (please specify from what month); or
• in 2019 (please specify from what month).


Providence brought us to this point in history. Providence will lead us into the future.


Presentation of our current International Missions


At this point, I would like to present our current International Missions, two of which, by the tremendous generosity of specific provinces now come under their direct accompaniment. These two are the International Missions in Benin and the Solomon Islands. The Province of Poland will accompany Benin. The Provinces of Oceania and Indonesia will accompany the Solomon Islands. The other International Missions are: Alaska-USA, El Alto-Bolivia, Cochabamba-Bolivia, Beni-Bolivia, Punta Arenas-Chile, Tefé-Brazil, Angola, Chad, Tunisia, and Papua New Guinea.


For the full text visit Mission Appeal Letter 2017-ENG


After a descriptive report on each of the missions and its needs,  he reminds us of how we can contribute financial assistance through the VIncentian Solidarity.


How to contribute to the Vincentian Solidarity Fund Contributions from individuals and provincial houses


• Checks only and those checks should be made out to theCongregazione della Missione. The bank will not accept checks with any other name.


Checks should be sent to:


Treasurer General Congregazione della Missione Via dei Capasso, 30
00164 Roma


• Possibilities for bank transfers can be discussed with the Treasurer General.
• Clearly indicate that the funds are for the Vincentian Solidarity Office (VSO)


In every case:


• All gifts received will be acknowledged (if your contribution is not acknowledged in a reasonable length of time, please contact us for clarification).
• Please inform us if you are making, as described above, any transfer of money.


May Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Saint Vincent de Paul, and all the rest of the Blessed and Saints of the Vincentian Family intercede for us!
Your brother in Saint Vincent,


Tomaž Mavrič, CM Superior General