The October 2017 NUNTIA is available online.

It contains the congratulations and challenges Pope Francis offered to the more than 11,000 members of the Vincentian Family gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

He stressed the following

“Today, I would like to encourage you to continue this journey, proposing three simple verbs that I believe are of great importance to the Vincen an spirit, but also for the Chris an life in general: to adore, to welcome, to go.”

Among the articles…

  • Pope Francis Speaks to Vincentians
  • The Vincentian Family Global Homeless Alliance in the Jubilee Year
  • Vincentian Family Symposium
  • The International Film Festival
  • In Family and As Family
  • “I will not forget this Symposium”
  • Conference of the Vincentian Provinces in Latin America
  • General Information

Download the full text in PDF NUNTIA OCTOBER ENGLISH