The November issue fo the Vincentian Solidarity Bulletin reminds us that the Vincentian charism calls us to connect our internal, spiritual growth with service to those at the margins of society. It goes on to describe three such efforts.

The first describes our international mission on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Our international mission on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands embodies that practice: metaphorically as an island whose center is never far from its edges on the Pacific Ocean,and as a place that challenges and transforms our missionaries.

A second story  describes A School in Bairabi

In 2007, our North Indian Province started a mission in a remote region in Mizoram State in far northeastern India. The mission is centered in Bairabi village and serves 14 other communities. As one of their first works, our confreres in the mission started a school to provide a quality education, which was unavailable to many of the children in the villages.

The third story tells of various micro-grants.

With generous contributions from several provinces of our Congregation, the VSO has resumed its micro- project grant program. Provinces, vice-provinces, and missions in developing regions submit applications for funding (up to $5,000 USD) for small projects. The projects can involve pastoral, socioeconomic, and religious formation activities, and request funding to purchase equipment and supplies, and pay for programs, construction work, and other items.

Read more about these projects. VSO-Bulletin-November-2017-English-FINAL

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