Blessed Marcantonio Durando, C.M. – Mercy Units of Turin

As I read the article A Short Life of Blessed Marcantonio Durando (1801-1880) found on, the part that struck me the most was the section on the Mercy Units, a small network of help centers to which people living in poverty could freely come, knowing that they would be welcomed and helped. They are also a fine example of collaboration among branches of the Vincentian Family.

There is much more to the life of Blessed Marcantonio Durando (Feast Day: December 10). For further reading, see this category archive on

One Response to Blessed Marcantonio Durando, C.M. – Mercy Units of Turin

  1. The Rev. Dr. Edward Ambrose "Ed" December 12, 2017 at 12:32 pm #

    Many thanks,Father Freund for your well researched presentation Thank you,Father Davitt for your translation & Nazarene Sisters for your authorship. This is Vincentian inspiration at its best! At my miraculous and somewhat infirm age of 81,I doubt if I could join a Mercy Unit but I can,by God’s grace,practice deeper and broader mercy to my brothers and sisters,the people whom God places in our paths daily.

    Thanks again!

    Ed Ambrose,AA,St. Joe’s,1957