The Interprovincial Internal Seminary Saint Jean Gabriel Perboyre

Since 1994 the Congregation of the Mission in Brazil has had an Interprovincial Internal Seminary.  The first seminary was located in Recife and then in distinct cities in each of the three provinces: Curitiba, Fortaleza, and Rio de Janeiro.  At the present time the Internal Seminary is located in Belo Horizonte, the Province of Rio de Janeiro.

On January 15th Father Geraldo Mól Santos, CM (Visitor) celebrated the Eucharist which marked the opening of the Internal Seminary.  Also present at the celebration were Father Adriano Sousa Santos, CM (representing the Visitor of Fortaleza) and many confreres.

Before the final blessing, Father Adriano welcomed the seminarists and he was followed by Father Luís Roberto, CM who, as Director of the Internal Seminary, officially opened this year of the Internal Seminary and embraced each of the candidates.

From the Province of Brazil:

  • Alexandro Valadares,
  • Cleber Teodósio,
  • Gilson Almeida,
  • Michel Araújo,
  • Ramon Aurélio.

From the Province of Fortaleeza:

  • Felipe Passos,
  • Gemerson Santos.

After the Eucharist, all the participants shared a meal.  For those who were admitted into the Congregation on this day, this is a year of grace for them.  One of the seminarists stated: I am happy to have been admitted into the Congregation of the Mission.  All of us have been filled with the Lord’s grace.  May the Blessed Mother help us remain faithful to the call that we have received.  Inspired by Christ and by Saint Vincent de Paul may we, with the help of God, become good Vincentian Missionaries.

By: Cleber Teodósio



Charles T. Plock, CM

Eastern Province, USA

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