Erection of the Province of Vietnam

With great joy for the Congregation of the Mission, I want to announce to you that yesterday we formally erected the Province of Vietnam. The story of this event is much greater than the immediate preparations, beginning with the first missionaries to South East Asia that laid the foundations for this day.

Just about one century ago, in 1828, French missionaries from China came with frequency to this country to serve the Daughters of Charity and to preach popular missions of short duration. Initially they focused only on the Daughters of Charity and the French speaking population. However, in 1955, the first canonical house was established. In 1970, the first group of aspirants joined the confreres. This was the starting point of a very strong development. The missionaries formed a region of the Province of Paris until the region became a Vice-Province in February of 2012. And on the 8th of February of 2018 the Province was erected, with Father Peter Nguyen Cong Tuan, C.M., being installed as the first Visitor.

The reality of the Province of Vietnam consists in 87 members: 74 priests, 9 deacons, 2 brothers, 2 confreres with permanent vows. There are 154 students in the following stages of formation: 50 students in Theology, 21 students in the Internal Seminary, 59 in Philosophy and 24 in pre-philosophy.

The homily of Superior General:

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