Communication for Promotion of Vocational Culture

The last two General Assemblies proposed evangelization in the field of communication as an apostolate that is necessary for carrying out our mission in today’s world. In addition, it is evident that we need to avail ourselves of the technological means to keep in contact with the more than 3000 missionaries of the Congregation of the Mission who are present on the five continents.

For this task, the Communications Office of the Congregation of the Mission has assembled a team of volunteers from different provinces, who, for some time now, have been providing assistance from a distance, in content editing, development of materials, and many other services that are required to keep alive the Congregation’s communication channels.

The Province of Peru hosted a meeting, which took place from 25 March to 2 April during Holy Week, on the premises of the Bethlehem Propaedeutic Seminary. It brought together eight confreres and six seminarians from different parts of the world, headed by Father Jorge Luis Rodríguez, CM, Director of Communications.

The confreres who met were: Brother Adriano Ferreira Silva, Province of Rio de Janeiro; Fathers Jacek Piotrowski, Province of Poland; Kit Torayno, Province of the Philippines; Dario Jean, Province of Madagascar; Rolando Gutiérrez, Vice-Province of Costa Rica; César Chávez and Francisco Amésquita, Province of Peru; Jorge Luis Rodríguez, Director of Communications; Deacon Álvaro Tamblay, Province of Chile; and the seminarians Carlos Villalobos, Province of Mexico; Felipe Cano, Province of Colombia; Patrik Boržecký, Province of Slovakia; and Vero Urbina and Roger Mamani, Province of Peru.

The Communication Project for the Dissemination of Vocational Culture was finalized at this meeting. It seeks to be a useful tool for the provinces and their work in vocational promotion. Father Jorge Luis Rodríguez, Director of the Communications Office, indicated that many hours of work went into consolidating the process:

“This project represents the consolidation of the Superior General’s dream about vocational promotion. Many confreres, who are committed to the development and dissemination of content for the diffusion and consolidation of a vocational culture, have been involved in it.

This project also coincides with the upcoming launch of the new website of the Congregation, giving continuity to the revitalization of the Charism after the 2017 celebration of the 400th jubilee, in this case through the Congregation of the Mission’s own media.”

Holding the meeting during Holy Week provided the occasion to celebrate the Paschal Triduum with two communities of Saint Catherine Labouré Parish. Four confreres serve that parish in Villa María del Triunfo, one of the poorest districts located south of Lima. Celebrating Easter with the community was a moment of grace.

Rolando Gutiérrez, CM

Vice-Province of Costa Rica

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