On Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at the Sacred Heart church, Bishop Dominic Nguyen Van Manh, Coadjutor Bishop of Dalat diocese ordained eight members of Congregation of the Mission in Vietnam. This is a great grace that God bestow on the new Province of Vietnam has just raised the Province on February 8th 2018.

New priests are:

1. Phan Thanh Joseph Bình, CM

2. Lê Đình John the Baptist Cơ, CM

3. Nguyễn Duy John the Baptist Hành, CM 

4. Vũ Tuyên Joseph Huấn, CM

5. Phạm Văn Peter Lai, CM

6. Dương Thái Peter Long, CM  

7. Cù Hồng Joseph Phúc, CM 

8. Hà Augustine Vũ, CM

The Vietnam Province there are newer shepherds, new missionaries

to serve and evangelize for the poor.