Taiwan hosts OGF for China clergy

The 1 st batch of clergy from Dioceses of Beijing, Haimen, Zhangzhe and Jiangxi held their third and last year of one-month ongoing formation in Taiwan from September 2 until October 2, 2018. The 12 participants attended workshops and exposures on pastoral planning, social services, liturgy, and basic ecclesial communities. After staying in Taipei so some days, they also went to Taidong to live and experience the church-life of indigenous people. On the last week, they have a 5-day retreat to recap their experiences in Taiwan and of the program. Participants are very appreciative to Vincentian priests who made great efforts to fill in a great need for ongoing formation among diocesan clergy in China. More and more dioceses are requesting to participate

Photo exhibit on poverty

As part of several activities for September – a Vincentian Month, a solo photo exhibit by Fr. Vincent Yang entitled Children of Poverty was held for whole month. It was held in Vincentian parishes of Kaohsiung and Taipei to give awareness to Catholics on the reality of poverty among children. The photos were taken from poor areas in Philippines, Vietnam, Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru during Fr. Yang’s trip. The photo exhibition caught the eyes of Fr. Agostino of Vincentian Family Office who encouraged and facilitated to let the photos be exhibited in Rome just in time for the activities of Finding Vince 400. Thus, Fr. Yang went to Rome on October 16-26 to participate in the activities.

Fr. Agostino visits Taiwan

On September 20-23, 2018, Fr. Joe Agostino and Ms. Pamela Mantuhac of International Vincentian Family Office visited Taiwan to encourage Vincentian groups the spirit of Vincentian collaboration. Through the efforts of CM, representatives from FamVin groups gathered on September 21, 2018 to hear the talks of Fr. Agostino on the situation of Vincentian Family at international level. Around 45 people participated on that event held at the 3rd floor of CM Provincial Residence Building (Lanya) in Taipei City. Immediately after lunch, the first meeting of FamVin National Executive Committee was held. The presence of Fr. Agostino and Ms. Mantuhac inspired the group to take actions on strengthening collaborations among FamVin groups. The committee saw a need for common Vincentian formation which they resolved to do in coming months.

Taiwan confreres go retreat

The annual spiritual retreat of confreres in Taiwan was held at Mt. Beatitude Retreat House (Kaohsiung) on October 15-20, 2018 led by Fr. Marcelo Manimtim, CM from Province of the Philippines. The retreat helped confreres to reflect on Vincentian vows, Eucharist and priesthood. It was also an opportunity for confreres to be with each other’s company.

Youth Music Fest

To encourage youth to take more active participation in church-life, Shilin Parish organized a music festival for youth from Vincentian parishes in Taiwan on September 1, 2018. The event showed the music talents and energy of young people with their song and dances. The music festival is on its second year and may continue for next years to come with the support from the province. During the activity, the Pastoral Youth Ministry Office of Chinese Province was launched. This is to strengthen the province’s commitment in taking care of youth. The office coordinates with parish-based youth groups with goals to empower, give opportunities to participate in church-life and to make them grow in faith.