De Paul Fund Beneficiaries Encounter 

The Chinese Province organized a meeting on March 11-14, 2019 for all beneficiary-organizations of De Paul Social Service Fund in China. The venue for the meeting was suddenly changed due to security reason. There were Twenty (20) participants and four (4) confreres present in the said meeting. A speaker was invited to talk on the new regulations for social services in China and their impact to social service providers. Each group presented their report on their works and discussed the future of the fund. 

De Paul Social Service Fund is a fund given exclusively for social services in China especially for Vincentian Family groups and communities that need financial support. This fund helps services for people who are most vulnerable in society like lepers, abandoned elderly and children who are in parishes administered by confreres or from organizations managed by Vincentian Family. 

 Youth Ministry Office goes Lenten 

The Provincial Youth Ministry Office organized Lenten recollections for youth in Vincentian parishes to prepare them spiritually for Holy Week. On March 16, 2019, a recollection activity was held in Jinlun Church for the youth in Taidong area, while on March 17, 2017 it was held in Shipai Church for the youth in Taipei area and in Kangshan Church on March 30, 2019 for the southern part of Taiwan. 

With the support from provincial office for youth ministry, young people are now slowly involving themselves in parish life. 

 Fr. T’sai celebrates 65 as priest 

Although everybody knows that Fr. Johannes T’sai does not like celebrations, yet it did not deter confreres from organizing his 65th sacerdotal anniversary celebration on April 3, 2019 at St. Joseph Church in Tainan City. With the presence of fourteen (14) confreres and around sixty (60) parishioners, the Eucharist was presided by Provincial Visitor, Fr. Dandy Labitag who emphasized the importance of thanksgiving – thanksgiving to God for the gift of priesthood given to community of faithful. 

At the age of 92, Fr. T’sai is suffering from dementia and is retired from ministry. He served St. Vincent Junior High School in Yunlin and St. Michael Parish in Tainan during his active years. He is the oldest confrere in the province and presently lived with the community in Tainan. 

Coordinators for OGF China Clergy Program meet 

Coordinators from each province for the ongoing formation program for China Clergy met for first time on April 8-10, 2019 in Taipei City. Fr. Danny Pilario and Prof. Emil Ibera from Philippines, Fr. Yulius from Indonesia, Fr. Eko Prasetyo, Fr. Pawel Wierzbicki and Fr. Murjiyono from Chinese Province evaluated the previous three years of the program and how to strengthen it to be more efficient and effective. 

OGF Program for China Clergy is in partnership with Provinces of the Philippines and Indonesia. There were 48 priests from four dioceses in China who benefitted since its establishment three years ago. The four dioceses just renewed lately their commitment to continue with the program as they see the immediate positive outcome and impact on participating priests. 

OGF and Excursion in Hainan Island 

Confreres from Taiwan and China met in Hainan Island on April 22-26, 2019 for ongoing formation and excursion. Fr. Paul Xi gave a talk on “New Law on Religion and Social Services in China: Its Impact to CM Mission”, while other local Chinese confreres shared their personal and pastoral experiences for others to understand more the situation in China. Each local house was given time to introduce their community as some local Chinese confreres have never been to Taiwan. Afternoons were reserved for excursion around the island. Twenty-two confreres and one seminarian participated in the said gathering. 

Hainan Island, located at south east of mainland was chosen to be the meeting place for confreres from Taiwan and China because it offers free visa to all nationalities except for Vietnam and India and is accessible for local Chinese confreres who have no passport. 

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