The meeting of the Visitors of the Provinces and Vice-Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission will be held in the Philippines from June 22-July 8, 2019. This event occurs every six years, three years after a General Assembly and three years before the next General Assembly. The last meeting of the Visitors was held in New York City (USA) in 2013.

At this time the Philippine Province will receive 43 Visitors, the members of the General Council and various other confreres who will provide various support services during the meeting: translation, communication and other such tasks.

This gathering has been prepared by a Commission composed of the Visitors from the Province of Ireland, Eastern Province of the USA, Saint Justine de Jacobis Province-Eritrea, the Curitiba Province in Brazil and the Philippine Province. These confreres have worked during recent months in order to ensure that the objectives of this gathering are fulfilled: evaluate the movement of the Congregation during the past three years, future long-term projections of the Congregation, and remote preparation for the 2022 General Assembly. The participants at this meeting will also analyze many aspects of the present ecclesial and worldwide situation.

This gathering is inspired by the events that occurred two years ago at the time that the Congregation and the worldwide Vincentian Family celebrated the 400th anniversary of the origin of the Vincentian charism. At the beginning of this new century in our history, the Congregation wants to embrace this time as a time of renewal.

This important congregational event will begin with a time of prayer and retreat directed by Bishop Rolando Santos, CM, bishop of Alatahu, Papua New Guinea. This will be followed by sessions for study and reflection and decision making in order to confront the challenges of our present-day world.

We entrust this Vincentian ecclesial event to the prayers of each and every confrere and member of the worldwide Vincentian Family.

Communication Office
Congregation of the Mission

Translated: Charles T. Plock, CM
Eastern Province, USA