We started the day with lauds incorporated in the Votive Mass of St. Vincent de Paul in Spanish which was presided by Fr. Francisco Domingo Herrero, CM, Visitor of Peru. After the Eucharist silent meditation followed which ended in the prayer for vocations in Latin. 

A review of yesterday’s activities with interviews from confreres of their response to the question: “What can be done in provinces and local communities to rekindle the passion for the vocation and identity of the Congregation?” was shown in a video presentation. 

The session on the topic: “The Vincentian Family Today: Reality and Challenges” was presented in a taped video by Fr. Joe Agostino, CM, Coordinator of the Vincentian Family Office in Philadelphia. His talk was a very comprehensive presentation about the Vincentian Family all over the world. He appealed to the Visitors for assistance for the following concerns: (1) the great need for formation of the members of the Vincentian Family, (2) clarification of the term “Vincentian” which is not only limited to the branches of the Vincentian Family but includes all those following the Charism of Vincent which is service of the poor, and (3) the promotion of the Lay movements in the Vincentian family.  

Also presented in the video was general information about the three associations directly under the supervision of the Superior General, namely: AMM, (Miraculous Medal Association), JMV, (Vincentian Marian Youth) and MISEVI (The Association of Lay Vincentian Missionaries). After the presentation, the assembly was divided into language groups and was requested to reflect on the following questions: (1) What concrete strategies can you implement to realize the recommendations about the Vincentian family, the Association of the Miraculous Medal, Vincentian Marian Youth and MISEVI? (2) How can the Vincentian Family Office assist you in making those recommendations a reality in your own province? Then, a plenary session was held and the groups through their secretaries shared their responses to the assembly. 

Afterwards, there was a continuation of the video presentation which featured about the Film Festival entitled: Finding Vincent 400 last October 2018 in Rome. After that, the language groups were once again requested to meet to reflect on the following questions: (1) What might you be able to do to deepen and strengthen the charism of the Vincentian Family in your province or region? (2) What might you be able to do to strengthen the collaboration among the branches of the Vincentian Family in your region? A plenary session followed with the report of the different secretaries of the groups. All the responses from the groups were directly submitted to Fr. Agostino, CM in his email. 

In the afternoon session the topic on Systemic Change was presented by three speakers, namely: Fr. Giuseppe Turati, CM who presented Systemic Change in the final document of the 2016 General Assembly, Ms. Ana María Escaño, VMY, who explained why Systemic Change is important in our evangelization, and Fr. Gregorio Bañaga, CM who described how we can promote the Systemic Change mentality in the Congregation.  It was followed by a video presentation about people who are convinced and have experienced Systemic Change in their encounter with the poor as they shared their views, reflections and convictions.  Afterwards, Sr. Teresa Mueda, DC, General Counselor for Asia joined the three speakers in a panel discussion.

After coffee break the last session was given to Mr. Mark McGreevy of De Paul International who gave a very informative talk about his work with homeless people. As regards to his involvement in this work he has been collaborating with the other members of the Vincentian Family in the global level. He encouraged the assembly to put homelessness concern as part of Systemic Change project in the Congregation. He requested the Visitors to have their own initiative to respond to this problem according to their own context and he offered assistance to those who might be needing help. After his talk an open forum was set in motion.   

The evening prayer was led by Fr. Francisco Domingo Herrero, CM.

A time for socialization after dinner with games, drinks and food was facilitated by two young confreres in the persons of Fr. John Era, CM, Director of Students, De Paul House, Tandang Sora , Quezon City  and Fr. Nelson Bisco, CM, Parish Priest of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Posadas Ave., Sucat,  Muntinlupa City. 

Fr. Raymundo A. Regua, CM
Chronicler, Philippines