We are publishing the summer edition of NUNTIA. We have joined together the months of June and July and therefore, this edition is somewhat larger than usual. We hope that this will not complicate matters for those who print this edition for the other members of their house. In this edition of NUNTIA we continue to publish news of the recent Visitor’s meeting in Manila (June 22-July 8, 2019). We begin with a chronicle that was written by one of the confreres, a chronicle that is based on the daily videos that were made during the time of the meeting. Also some of the participants were asked to develop specific themes from the perspective of their experience and/or the reality of their province.

At the same time, we include news about the visit of the Superior General to Japan and Indonesia (visits that were made after the Visitor’s meeting). Finally, we include an article about the meeting of VIN-JPIC that took place in Bogota. We hope that you enjoy this edition of NUNTIA and please feel free to send us articles and suggestions. Many thanks!