The V Formation Program for the Vincentian Family

Date: August 3-26, 2020

Participants: This program is geared toward members of the various branches of the Vincentian Family as well as members of Congregations and Associations that are inspired in our charism, such as diocesan priests who accompany the members of the various Associations. Also lay men and women who minister in the various works of the Vincentian Family are invited to participate.

Themes: We will reflect upon such themes as: what is the Vincentian Family; how to work together and promote the dignity of those who are poor; the original inspiration of Saint Vincent; some significant men and women in the Vincentian Family; Vincentian spirituality; how to confront material and spiritual poverty; how to better the community spirit of our group/association. There will be pilgrimages to significant Vincentian places in Paris and in other cities throughout France. It is hoped that people will grow in their knowledge of the various groups that make up the Vincentian Family. There will be time for prayer and meditation/reflection and also free time.

Not only members of the Congregation of the Mission should be invited to this session, but members of the larger Vincentian Family should be invited. A special invitation should be extended to the laity who minister in the various works of the Family: schools, charitable centers, missions, archives, parishes, etc.

II Formation Program for Brothers

Date: October 2 – November 1, 2020

Participants: This program is geared toward the Brothers of the Congregation of the Mission (Brothers of every age and who engage in all the various ministries). This program is the fruit of the CIF vocational promotional program during which we spoke about the significant decline of vocations to the brotherhood in the Congregation. During the first two centuries of our history the Congregation was composed of 60% priests and 40% brothers. Today, the percentage of Brothers has declined to an historical low.

Themes: We will reflect upon such themes as: Vincent’s concept of the Brother; outstanding Brothers during the lifetime of Vincent; changes since the time of Vincent: what happened to the Brothers after Vincent de Paul; teachings of the Superiors General with regard to the Brothers (up to the time of the Second Vatican Council); recent developments with regard to our understanding of the vocation of the Brother in the church; what changes did the Second Vatican Council bring about in religious congregations; recent documents with regard to the Brother in the Congregation of the Mission; the Ratio Formationis and the vocation of the Brother; the vocation, identity and mission of the Brother in the Congregation of the Mission; what problems do the Brothers confront; how can those problems be resolved; the Brother and ministry on behalf of the poor.

II Formation Program for Missionaries Ad Gentes

Date: November 9 -29, 2020

Participants: Priests and brother who are ministering in missions ad gentes, in poor areas of their provinces or who are preparing to leave for the missions.

Methodology: the formation will be developed in workshops

Themes: reality of the mission countries; the mission and human promotion; the great religions; mission and culture; the mission in the Bible, theology and Vincentian spirituality; the missionary thinking of Pope Francis; mission and personal and community growth; the mission in Vincentian thinking and in the history of the Congregation of the Mission

Complementary information: the various formation programs are held at the Motherhouse of the Congregation of Mission, located at 95 rue de Sèveres, Paris, France. These programs are conducted in English, Spanish and French. Contact the director of the program with regard to cost and further details.

One final detail: Because the Motherhouse receives many visitors it is important to confirm your participation as soon as possible.

Fr. Andrés R. M. MOTTO, C.M.
Director of CIF

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