The “13 Houses” Campaign is expanding due to COVID-19 to support the poorest of the poor and the homeless. All monies raised by FHA through Depaul International will be distributed to Vincentian Family members working with the poor and the homeless.

In Fr Robert Maloney’s reflection on St Vincent de Paul’s personal response to the various pandemics that occurred during his lifetime, he speaks movingly of Vincent’s conviction that, no matter what the circumstances, WE MUST NEVER ABANDON THE POOR. He also reminds us that we must take all reasonable precautions to protect our health in serving the poor at a time like this. Though the entire world is suffering at the moment it is the poorer countries, and the poorest within those countries, who suffer most.

To date the 13 Houses Campaign, launched by the FHA in November 2018, has housed approximately 5,000 people globally through the commissioning of innovative and collaborative projects of Vincentian Family members at national level. Faced with this overwhelming, worldwide, crisis engendered by COVID 19, the FHA is adding another dimension to its Campaign aimed at supporting the poorest, especially those experiencing some form of homelessness, with no safe home to shelter.

We have identified 5 initiatives throughout the world that urgently need financial help to attend the immediate needs of homeless people in the Philippines, Rwanda, Peru, Lebanon, Ukraine. FHA is also activating partnerships with other Vincentian Family schemes focusing on the COVID-19 emergency and prevention of homelessness for those who have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

All monies raised by FHA will be distributed to Vincentian Family organizations working with the poorest and the homeless globally. We will tell the stories of how funds have been spent and the difference it has made.

You can read more about these initiatives here. Please share this appeal with your contacts!