On July 30 we commemorate Saint Justin de Jacobis. On this occasion Centro Liturgico Vincenziano (CLV) offers his biography, written by Fr. Luigi Mezzadri, C.M., who taught Church History first at Collegio Alberoni in Piacenza and then at the Pontifical Gregorian University and published several studies and essays on Church history, spirituality, specializing particularly in Vincentian history and charism.

The biography of Saint Justin de Jacobis, comprised of 192 pages, is very pleasing, particularly smooth and instructive. The text helps to get to know Saint Justin and his way of understanding the mission that in the past meant bringing the Gospel to the pagans. Saint Justin de Jacobis understood that before teaching the Abyssinians, the Christian people since the fourth century, he had to learn from them first. He was venerated as the Father of those people. His mission was, like the flight of the phoenix, a return to the perennial springs of Christianity.

The new biography is a careful look at the first Italian saint of the Vincentian Family who illuminates our mission today, put in a context of Catholic tradition in need of rediscovering Christian roots.

The text is in Italian on sale at € 18,00. It can be a splendid gift to make a Vincentian saint known who, as Saint Paul VI said, during the homily at his canonization, did only one thing wrong: that he was little known.


Fr. Valerio Di Trapani cm
Province of Italy