nuntia septemberSeptember was a month filled with many Vincentian activities around the world and in all branches of the Vincentian Family. We want to highlight an event that highlighted that month and it was the First Virtual Meeting of Vocational Ministry Directors and we wanted to share in the NUNTIA the chronicle recalling that event and the keynote speeches of Fathers Rolando Gutierrez, CM and Javier Alvarez, CM which can help us as a study. We inaugurated the month of October, a month of the missions and the mission appeal of the Superior General and therefore we chose a poster for the cover which is designed for this month. Similarly, we publish an article introducing this month’s theme.
Among others, we also want to present the article by the CM Representative to the United Nations, and a recap of the Gen Verde Virtual Concert on the feast of St. Vincent when a song dedicated to St. Vincent was performed. Finally, the General Information section comes with a long list of ordinations of confreres from various provinces, bringing a hope for the whole Congregation. May God be blessed!