The Congregation of the Mission continues to move forward toward the XLIII General Assembly which will take place in Rome during the year of 2022. Therefore, all the provinces, vice-provinces, regions will hold their Domestic Assemblies and Provincial Assembles before November 2021.

The Preparatory Commission has attempted, through various means, to help the confreres focus on theme of the next General Assembly: Let us revitalize our identity at the beginning of this fifth century of the Congregation of the Mission. As part of this mission, the Commission now places at your disposal a virtual library which can be found on the website for the General Assembly,   in the section entitled: “Articles and Formation Material”.

On this site you will fine articles of great value, both for the personal formation of each missionary as well as for more profound reflection during the domestical and provincial assemblies.

You will find the following articles at the site of our on-line library:

  1. Mission for Europe, experiences and ways (Josef A. Herget, CM – CEVIM)
  2. Revitalize our Community Life (Rolando Gutiérrez, CM – CLAPVI)
  3. The General Assemblies of the C M (John Rybolt, CM – NCV)
  4. The Revitalization of Vincentian Spirituality (John P. Prager, CM – NCV/CLAPVI)
  5. African Perspective. The Case of Cameroon (Joseph Yonki, CM – COVIAM)
  6. The identity of the CM (Vinicius Teixeira, CM – CLAPVI)
  7. Ideas About Structural Conversion (Aaron Gutiérrez, CM – CLAPVI)
  8. The Joy of the Gospel (Daniel Pilario, CM – APVC)
  9. Let us revitalize our Vincentian identity (Joseph Yonki, CM – COVIAM)
  10. Challenges of Missionary Conversion to the C.M. (Rolando Santos, CM – APVC)

The Preparatory Commission is grateful for all those confreres who have written or who might wish to contribute an article to this library. Please submit those articles to


Rolando Gutierrez, CM

Secretary of the CPAG2022