Dear confreres.


I hope that the preparation for the General Assembly in your Province is already ongoing. Most probably you are already doing your Domestic Assembly or perhaps even your Provincial Assembly.

As you know, besides the documents that we have sent to you for reflection, for prayer and for sharing and dialogue, we also have a website for our General Assembly. This website contains many materials to guide us and to stimulate our reflections and sharing.

In this website, there are 10 articles.  They are found in the library of the website. They deal with different aspects or themes of the General Assembly and they are also written in four (4) languages namely English, Spanish, French and Italian.

May I invite you to take advantage of this library; to visit it; to read the articles that have been written by 10 of our confreres. These articles are very good articles, in fact, even excellent articles.

We also plan that every month we will feature two articles and we will send them to you with excerpts from the articles in order to stimulate further reflection, prayer and engagement with our General Assembly.

Thank you and God bless you.


Gregorio L. Bañaga, Jr., CM

Coordinator of the Preparatory Commission of the GA 2022