There are innumerable women who shaped our history, those who with their words, their silences, their strength or their sensibilities were showing us the maternal face of God. Women who taught entire towns to walk or took in their arms so many children wounded by sin.

Today they are still the ones who, enliven their hearts and carry us on their shoulders, and lead us to the calm waters where human life is more dignified, where the encounter with God is possible.

We invite you to discover one of many women, a “little girl from Castilla de la Mancha” (as she describes herself) but with an immense heart and a charity that burns and works among the poor. She is Sister Constanza Roldán Azorín, Daughter of Charity, 77-year-old Spaniard with 10 years of experience as a missionary in Argentina. Walking the streets of Barrio 9 de Noviembre in Bahía Blanca, she managed to fund 84 micro-enterprises, build more than 30 houses and a Community Center.

Thanks to her and to all women for giving us life in the charity of Christ.

Happy Women’s Day!


(Courtesy “La Nueva”)

New project Daughters of Charity (Sister Constanza) MARILLAC INTEGRATION CENTER:
. 12 family vegetable gardens
. Warehouse or shed for craft workshops.
. Early Childhood Center.
You can collaborate in this beautiful project with your diffusion and economic contribution.
CBU: 0720721320000000109718