Greetings to all!

We have begun to live a wonderful experience in Rome, Italy, in the house “San Juan de Avila”, of the Spanish Episcopal Conference: the AG2022 of the Congregation of the Mission.

We started in the morning with breakfast. Everyone greeted each other with enthusiasm and joy for sharing this experience, until 9:00 a.m. when we changed our environment to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, presided by Father General Tomaz Mavric, in the chapel of the house. In his homily, he placed us in the hands of God’s wise providence, which is what has made everything in the company. We cannot better ensure our eternal happiness than by renouncing ourselves to follow Jesus Christ. Providence, the superior reminded us, leads to a mystical union that provokes an affective and effective response in the hearts of the people.

The celebration was accompanied by the Gen Verde choral group, which also performed some songs made for the congregation, emphasizing the care of the poor and the divine realities that surround us.

This was followed by the first session of the assembly. A roll call was taken of all the participants, 115 members, and a review was made of the activities that will be carried out every day.

The secretary, Corpus Delgado, was also elected and the directory for the general assembly was approved.

In the afternoon, after lunch, the general presented those who could be moderators and who were voted on. Also the editorial and synthesis commission. Barta Szabolcs was elected vice-secretary.