On August 24, 2022, Agapit Ebiagena, Armand Ntoutou and Guenolé Feugang, celebrated our 15 years of priestly ordination, of ministry to Christ and to the poor in the poor company. We placed this celebration under the sign of thanksgiving and solidarity. In the presence of 17 fellow priests and brothers, we celebrated the Eucharist and had a convivial meal. During the Eucharist and well before, we involved the guests in a project in favor of the people of Belita II in the east of Cameroon in the diocese of Batouri. The project consisted of bringing solar energy to the students of the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Belita, to the parish hall where the students can come to study in the evening, to the Chapel for early morning celebrations and late evening meetings, to the presbyteries where the confreres live.

The area has no electrical energy and the people do not have the means to pay for solar lamps, oil in oil lamps. This project of solar energy equipment would help the students to increase their academic skills, the youth to meet for activities, the pastoral agents and the faithful to celebrate in a more comfortable way and the confreres to live in better conditions.
We have collected during this anniversary 1.000.000 fcfa or 1540 euros to realize this project. We thank the donors for their abundant generosity.
This anniversary around a project for the poorest was a first experience rich in teaching. By refusing to receive gifts for ourselves, people were generous for the poor and for others.