Dear Vincentian Family

Our affectionate and fraternal embrace.

The organizing committee of the International Vincentian Youth Meeting 2023 (IVYM), which precedes the World Youth Days 2023 (WYD), has the joy of letting you know some important points about registration and other details of this long-awaited meeting! This way, everyone will be able to be more clear and participate with peace of mind, because we are working so that you can experience the meeting in its fullness.

Date: 29 July to 01 August 2023
Place: Felgueiras (north of Portugal)
Minimum age: 14 years old, celebrated until 28/07/2023 at the latest


Important: only one registration is needed to be able to participate in the IVYM and the WYD. A single registration will serve for both meetings, so you don’t need to register for WYD. The committee guarantees your registration for both meetings!

Registration phases:

1st phase: 06/11/2022 to 20/12/2022, with 10% discount on WYD package
2nd phase: 21/12/2022 to 05/03/2023, with a 5% discount on WYD package
3rd phase: 06/03/2023 to 15/06/2023, no discount.

Attention: registration after 15/06/2023, will not have accommodation.

We have adopted the criterion that the registration phases for members of the Vincentian Family always end 10 days before the WYD phases. This procedure is to give us enough time to register the groups within the established deadlines.

How do we register?

  1. Registration is done by the national council of each branch of the Vincentian Family in each country. All conversations and negotiations will be settled with the national president of each branch; he/she will be the link between the organising committee and the
  2. Each participant, after completing the registration form, must hand it in to the coordinator of his group and he in turn will forward it to the national
  3. The national president of each branch should fill in the registration forms at the following link:
  4. Any other question concerning registration only (sending proof of registration, clarification of doubts, etc.) may be sent to the following address:

The organising committee of IVYM 2023 is available for any general information about the meeting at

We await you all with great joy and in the certainty that our Vincentian Family will be stronger after living these days of encounter.

See you in Felgueiras! A very fraternal hug!
Embrace in Christ, Vincent of Mary,

Organizing Committee of the International Vincentian Youth Meeting 2023

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