Conferences of Visitors

Provincial Conferences of the Congregation:

To facilitate better communication among Visitors (provincials) in the Congregation, and to assist in an equitable sharing of resources and personnel, regional conferences have been founded in recent years. These conferences promote collaboration among Visitors and confreres and encourage strategic planning for better sharing of resources.

Asia Pacific Visitors’ Conference                                                  (APVC)

Formed in 1994, this conference is made up of Visitors representing provinces found in the geographical areas of Asia and Oceania. They meet yearly.

Curia Moderator: Fr. Varghese Thottamkara, C.M.

Conference of European Visitors of the Mission                       (CEVIM)

Formed in 1990, this conference is made up of Visitors who represent various provinces found throughout Europe. They meet yearly.

Curia Co-Moderators: Frs. Stanislav Zontak, C.M: & Javier Alvarez.

Conference of Latin American Vincentian Provinces (CLAPVI)

Formed in 1971, this conference is made up of Visitors representing provinces in Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean. They meet yearly.

Curia Moderator: Fr. Eli Chaves, C.M.

Conferences of Visitors in Africa and Madagascar                  (COVIAM)

Formed in 1990, this conference is made up of Visitors who represent various provinces in Africa and Madagascar. They meet yearly.

        Curia Moderator: Fr. Zeracristos Yosief, C.M.

National Conference of Visitors of the United States   (NCV)

Formed in 1978, this conference is made up of the three Visitors who represent the provinces in the USA. They meet on a yearly basis.

Curia Moderator: Fr. G. Gregory Gay, C.M.


The Conferences of Visitors are composed of the Visitors from more or less geographical zones. The Conferences meet together periodically to work on subjects of common interest. There are currently 5 Conferences of Visitors:

APCV logo office07.jpgASIA PACIFIC VISITORS CONFERENCE (APVC)we are a Conference of Visitors of the Asia-Pacific Region representing at present the CM Provinces of Australia, China, Southern India, Northern India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Our general objective is to carry the spirit and charism of St. Vincent de Paul into the evangelizing of peoples and cultures of the Asia-Pacific Region. To carry out this General Objective we set these specific objectives: to foster interior renewal and ongoing formation for the mission in our region; to search for common lines of formation and action; to foster inter-provincial cooperation; to exchange vocation and pastoral experiences; to foster meetings between provinces; to create an Asian-Pacific community conscience (Statutes of APVC).

CEVIM logoCONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN VISITORS OF THE MISSION (CEVIM). The Conference of European Visitors is composed of the Provinces of Europe and the Middle East (CEVIM). CEVIM has its goal the promotion of information and collaboration among these Provinces in the area of formation and mission. CEVIM looks to a better understanding of the Vincentian Family, and to a deepening of the Vincentiana sprit by promoting contact and exchanges in the area de formation and missionary activity, and by developing methods and means for the initiation of youth in the Vincentian sprit. CEVIM will set up links with the General Curia and with other Conferences of Visitors existing in the Congregation (Statutes of CEVIM).

CLAPVI logoTHE LATIN AMERICAN CONFERENCE OF VINCENTIAN PROVINCES (CLAPVI). The Latin American Conference of Vincentian Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission (CLAPVI) is a not-for-profit organization, whose permanent service is to orient, animate and coordinate Vincentian activities. Its aim is to offer to its members solutions for problems in common, mutual assistance, and the strengthening of the interprovincial bonds of unity and fraternity. CLAPVI is composed of the Provinces, Vice-Provinces and Delegations of Provinces that work in and/or are related to Latin America . The general objective of CLAPVI is to realize the charism of St. Vincent in all of its activities within the historical and situational context of Latin America, for a more effective evangelization of the poor (Statues of CLAPVI).

COVIAM logoCONFERENCE OF THE VISITORS OF AFRICA AND MADAGASCAR (COVIAM). The Conference of the Visitors of Africa and Madagascar (COVIAM) is a not-for-profit body whose objective is the promotion and coordination of activities in various Provinces, Vice-provinces and Missions in Africa and Madagascar. The general purpose of COVIAM is to update the charism of St. Vincent, while taking into account the specific situations of the African Continent; and to promote the unity, brotherhood, and collaboration of the Vincentiana who work there. To reach that purpose, COVIAM is committed do: promoting information and collaboration, especially in the area of formation and of (missionary) activities; reflecting on the problems of the continent and our presence and mission in Africa; looking for global solutions to common problems (Statutes of COVIAM).

NVC logoTHE NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE VISITORS OF THE UNITED STATES (NVC). The purposes of NVC are: to develop interprovincial cooperation with a view to possible reconfiguration; to foster collaboration with the Daughters of Charity and the Vincentian Family: to handle other items of nationals business; to provide mutual support for the Visitors. NCV is an organization created by the Superior General to achieve the purposes stated above. NCV respects the juridical independence of each Province and the authority of each Visitor. The members of NCV are the Visitors of the Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission in the USA (Statutes of NVC).