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Blessed Ramose  Lucien Botovasoa, Martyr of Faith and Charity

  Vohipeno is a district center of Madagascar’s southeastern region and is located in the diocese of Farafangana, 42km from Manakara, the nearest town. An exceptional event took place in this village of more than 10,000 inhabitants. In three days, Vohipeno watched its population quadruple! Why? No words can properly describe this event that took […]

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COVIAM: Conference of Visitors of Africa and Madagascar

Meeting of COVIAM 2018 – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (April 18-20, 2018) Participants Abba Hagos Tewolde, rector of the common theologate of COVIAM in Enugu / Cyril Mbata, Visitor of Nigeria / Memheru Mekonnen, Visitor of Etiopía / Ondoua Clemente, Visitor of Cameroon / Moninga Léon, International Mission in Chad / Alexandre ZR, Visitor […]

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A Home for Life, especially for the disabled, Madagascar

Tanjomoha Residence, Madagascar   The “Tanjomoha Residence” is located at Vohipeno, on the southeast coast of Madagascar. It’s mission is to welcome the poorest and most abandoned of the surrounding Malagasy society to assist them in finding lasting solutions to heartbreaking limitations that they could never manage on their own. Founded in 1986 by Father […]

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Popular Missions Province of Madagascar

This Vincentian work had interrupted and very little coordinated. The popular missions were irregulary run and only one each year. They were carried in the context of special events such as jubilees, ordinations, parochial or district feasts, because those who were responsible in the past were no convinced to run them. There was also a […]

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