Online Collaboration

Online collaboration uses the Internet to allow people from around the world to work almost as if they are in the same room. Online video conferences can save participants much  time and money. Social media have had enormous impact not only as means for building relationships but also in movements of social change. Online forums or discussion groups allow in-depth exploration and exchange of ideas. Members of the Congregation can use these tools in their service of those who are marginalized.

Letter of the Superior General

  • January 13, 2001
“I have two questions to pose to you for your reflection, my brothers.  First, How will the world be different in just six years?  Whether we like it or not, technology will be woven more and more into the fabric of our lives, even the lives of the poorest among us.  Second, Will we be ready to serve in such a world?”
  • August 31, 2011
It is the desire of the Curia that this web site play a key role in coming years as a significant resource for ministry.

The focus will be three-fold:

    1. News
    2. Resources for ministry and formation
    3. Collaboration

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Communicating the Charism – Past and Future

Learn the Tools

Social Media is a conversation…supported by online tools


How to Get Started with… Twitter for Vincentians Facebook for Vincentians Helpful Links More Ways Twitter Can Be Used

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Conferencing While there is a definite need for face-to-face, in person meeting, often much of the work and communication can be accomplished using video conferencing. FAMVIN can host, or assist you in hosting, a meeting with up to 6 different participants. Save precious time and money by utilizing these resources. See a quick example of video conferencing. How?

Discussion forums devoted to various ministries

Dialog with Islam

Some examples of what is possibile


Downloads and file sharing.. Confreres may share Powerpoint and other resources they have found helpful in ministry.

Contact us with your ideas.  

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