The Conference of Visitors of Asia-Pacific – APVC


Although there are accounts of meetings and joint initiatives dating back to 1981, it was not until April 1994 that the Conference of Visitors of Asia-Pacific was established during a meeting that took place in Sydney, Australia.  Since that time the members of this conference have met annually.

In general, the goals of the members are the following: to know the situation of each province; to share with one another on a provincial level; to assist and to collaborate with one another; to organize activities and take initiatives that enhance the charism of Saint Vincent and the mission of the Congregation in this area.

The number of vocations in this area has been slowly increasing.  This reality has presented a challenge to the various provinces because they recognize the need to provide quality formation so that the candidates come to a better knowledge of themselves and thus, continue to grow in their vocation.  The Visitors have established a program of formation for the formators.

This Conference is composed of the Visitors from the following countries: Oceania, Indonesia, India North, India South, the Philippines, China and Vietnam.

During the 2016 General Assembly of the Congregation, the members of APVC made the following commitments:

  1. Common Initial Formation: We agreed to support an APVC Common Initial Formation project.To take place in 2018. Confirmed in the 2017 APVC meeting with the practical details to be worked out at the same APVC Visitors meeting in 2017. (That is, proposed venue to host this common project, the number of students/novices participating in the Spiritual Year/Novitiate/Internal Seminary, finances and formation personnel. Each province under APVC will be given the discretion to choose the relevant students fitting in their assessment to attend this project.
  2. International MISSION: We reiterate our APVC commitment to assist in the stabilisation of the Solomon Island International Mission. This means a clear list of confreres who will be participating in the teaching and formation as well as confreres who may assist in the service and development of the Seminary plant. That means we need a commitment of the provinces to commit confreres on a rolling roster of two or three years. Consequently the curriculum and teaching/subject plan will be issues to each Provincial from the Rector annually.
  3. Popular Mission: We also agree to explore together a regional model of Popular Mission. We will need to invite respective Directors of Popular Missions to share ideas in a face to face meeting supplemented by Internet meetings through SKYPE etc.
  4. APVC – Ongoing formation of Vincentian Priests priest 5-10years ordained, and below and brothers incorporated five years and below. We agreed that topics like Human Development/Human Formation will be given priority in the next meetings. We agreed that the CCC be invited to coordinate these meetings of the young confreres.
  5. Closer Solidarity to be established in the APVC to respond to the needs of various provinces in times of disasterr natural calamity.Our response may be through personnel or through the establishment of a solidarity fund for the region. The latter needs further exploration. We are encouraging our members to reach out when that moment of need arises.
Province of India - South
    Founded 1922, 1938, 1970, 1997

Mattathiveliyil, Tomichan – Provincial Visitor (24/10/2016)

Province of India - Northern


Tirkey, Prakash – Provincial Visitor (11/03/2019)


Province of Indonesia
    Founded 1923, 1958

Edi Prasetyo, Manuel – Provincial Visitor (25/01/2018)

Province of Oceania

    Founded 1885

    Brett, Gregory John – Provincial Visitor (25/01/2016)

Province of Philipppines
    Founded 1872

Bañaga Lapus, Gregorio Jr. – Provincial Visitor (14/06/2017)

Province of China
    Founded 1844, 1910, 1972, 1987

Labitag Estareja, Ferdinand E. – Provincial Visitor (04/10/2017)


Province of Vietnam
    Founded 2011, 2018

Nguyen Cong, Pierre Tuan – Provincial Visitor (08/02/2018)