Conference of Visitors of Europe and Orient – CEVIM

This group includes the Visitors of Europe and the Middle East.  The group, which has existed for some twenty-five years, became the second Conference of Visitors in the recent history of the Congregation.  The objectives of the members are the following: to promote mutual knowledge and fraternal support among the Visitors and the Provinces; to promote interprovincial collaboration in  the areas of evangelization as well as initial and on-going formation; to promote collaboration between the Congregation of the Mission and the Company of the Daughters of Charity and the other branches of the Vincentian Family; to create a European awareness within the Congregation; to make decisions with regard to the various organizations that are dependent upon the Visitors of Europe; to promote communication and exchanges with the other Conferences of Visitors and with the General Curia. Statute #79 highlights the fact that the Conferences of Visitors should reflect the communion and the unity of the members of the Congregation of Mission as they minister on five continents. This Conference is composed of the Visitors from the following countries: Germany-Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (the Provinces of St. Vincent de Paul and Zaragoza), France, Hungry, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and the Vice-Province of Saints Cyril and Methodius. During the 2016 General Assembly of the Congregation, the members of CEVIM made the following commitments. For the next six years CEVIM is committed to deepening and actualizing the Vincent Charism and to moving toward the internationalization of the Congregation by the following means:

  1. To organize formation opportunities on the “Vincentian identity” for the following groups:seminarians, young missionaries (3 to 5 years of priesthood) and other missionaries, in order to reflect on the future of our presence in Europe and the Middle East.
  2. To promote intercultural and collaborative experiences provided by the international communities such as London, the Berceau, Catania, Paris-Rue du Bac.
  3. To promote experiences of International Missions for the young confreres.
  4. To rethink Initial Formation (Internal Seminary and Major Seminary).
  5. To launch a common missionary project in the city of Melilla (Spain).
  6. To organize an Interprovincial Meeting on “The Good News of Mercy” in order to share our experiences and deepen the basic Vincentian aspects of our style of evangelization.
Province of Austria-Germany

Founded 1853

Schindler, Eugen – Provincial Visitor (01/01/2018)

Province of France

Founded 2016

Christian Mauvais, CM – Provincial Visitor (25/01/2016)

Province of Hungary

Founded 1926

Barta, Szabolcs – Provincial Visitor (08/05/2017)

Province of Ireland

Founded 1848

Paschal Malachy Kevin Scallon, CM –Provincial Visitor (13/03/2018)

Province of Italy

Founded 2016

Erminio Antonello – Provincial Visitor (25/01/2016)

Province of Orient

Founded 1838

Haddad, Ziad – Provincial Visitor (01/06/2013) 

Province of Slovenia

Founded 1992

Rataj, Franc – Provincial Visitor (14/06/2018) 

Vice-Province of Cyril and Methodius

Founded 2001

Trzop, Jan – Vice-Provincial Visitor (27/09/2016) 

Province of Saint Vincent de Paul - Spain

Founded 2017

González Antón, Jesús María – Provincial Visitor (25/01/2017)

Province of Zaragoza - Spain

Founded 1969

Azcárate Gorri, Santiago – Provincial Visitor (18/01/2018)

Province of Slovakia

Founded 1989

Jasso, Jaroslav – Provincial Visitor (13/05/2014)

Province of Portugal

Founded 1829, 1927

Gonçalves Alves, José Augusto – Provincial Visitor (01/10/2016)

Province of Poland


BANKO, Kryspin Antoni – Provincial Visitor (08/02/2012 – 18/01/2018)