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Come è facile essere santo.
La santità consiste nel fare la volontà di Dio in ogni cosa

San Vincenzo de’ Paoli

Articles about Saints

The beatification of Janez STRASEK, CM

The beatification of Janez STRASEK, CM began in Zagreb on September 20, 2021. The first session was presidede by Rev. Marko Kovač, delegate for his Eminence, Cardinal Josip Bozanic.  The Tribunal was established with appointment of the Delegated Judge, who will...

The Great Witness of Our Missionary-Martyrs.

In recent times, new causes of beatification have begun for some of our missionaries who gave their lives in order to bear witness to their faith and to remain firm in their mission as apostles of Christ. Martyrs in Chengtingfu (today Zhengding) in China, 9 October...


There is no doubt, no one among the famous sons of Monsieur Vincent is as well known in the world and in the Church as Father Perboyre. When in our missionary journey we meet our former disciples, either bishops, priests or laymen, there is no doubt they will allude...

Clet, a Missionary Coming to his End… Who Showed the Way to the Young Perboyre

This year 2020 has been surprising and unexpected for everyone. How could we have imagined being confined to our homes as if we were monks of strict monastic observance! It became our turn to leave haste and what Saint Vincent called “excessive zeal” behind, which, in...

The Vocation of Saint Louise de Marillac

Louise de Marillac engaged in a tireless search for God. She was a member of the Marillac family, one of the more influential noble families of seventeenth century France. From the time of her baptism (August 12, 1591), Louise’s father recognized her as his child. At...

Translation of the Relics of Saint Vincent de Paul

In the Vincentian Family and the Congregation of the Mission today, we commemorate the translation of the incorrupt body of St.Vincent de Paul, which remained hidden since the beginning of the French Revolution, and which, after several ups and downs, was taken from...

Lindalva Justo de Oliveira

  Sister Lindalva was the first woman to be beatified in Brazil. She was still a young Daughter of Charity, 4 years-vocation, when she was martyred. Her fidelity to her vocation and her love for everyone without preferences were so intense that she didn’t...

Elisabeth Ann Seton

Elizabeth Ann Seton is the first canonized saint born in the USA. She was the foundress of the American Sisters of Charity and is credited as a pioneer Catholic educator who paved the way for the parochial school system in the United States. 1774, 28 August birth...

Marc-Antonio Durando

          Father Durando lived his vocation to the full as a Vincentian priest (Lazarist). Like M. Vincent, he allowed the Spirit to sanctify him. As Director of the Daughters of Charity he took on courageous initiatives for his time: sending...

Catherine Labouré, the Saint of Silence

Catherine Labouré is a very human woman, a saint very close to us.  Her life was, at the same time, extraordinarily simple and extraordinarily remarkable.  She possessed a true passion for God, the Blessed Virgin, Saint Vincent and those who are poor.  Her personality...

Cards of the Saints and Blessed Vincentians

S. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton

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The martyrs of Angers

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Translation Relics of SVP

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B. Maria Wiecka

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San Justin de Jacobis

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Jean-Gabriel Perboyre

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Martyrs of Spain

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Beata Lindalva Justo de Oliveira

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Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli

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Saint Luisa de Marillac

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Pier Giorgio Frassati

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Saint Vincent

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B. Mark Anthony Durando

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Foundation of a Charism

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Blessed Jeanne Marie Rendu

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Santa Jeanne Antide Thouret

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S. Francis Regis Clet

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B. Frederic Ozanam

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S. Catherine Labouré

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Articles of Venerable and Servants of God

Fortunato Velasco Tobar, cm, and 13 Companions

Fortunato Velasco Tobar, cm, and 13 Companions

FORTUNATO VELASCO TOBAR, CM, AND 13 COMPANIONS We list here 14 martyrs who were victims of the fierce religious persecution that, in the mid-1930s, presumed to eliminate the Church of Spain. Their martyrdom, like that of other priests, sisters, brothers, and lay...

Antônio Ferreira Viçoso, cm

Antônio Ferreira Viçoso, cm

ANTÔNIO FERREIRA VIÇOSO, CM (1787-1875) Antônio Ferreira Viçoso was born into a pious Christian family on 13 May 1787 in Peniche, in the province of Leiria, Portugal. At the age of 15, he was received into the Diocesan Seminary of Santarém, where he remained until...

Ján Havlík

Ján Havlík

JÁN HAVLÍK (1928-1965) Ján Havlík was born 12 February 1928 in Vlékovany near Skalica (now Dubovce) in the family of a poor worker, Karol Havlík and his wife Justina née Pollékova. In his handwritten curriculum vitae, we read, “Because I wanted to continue my studies,...

Vicente Queralt Lloret and 20 companions

Vicente Queralt Lloret and 20 companions

VICENTE QUERALT LLORET AND 20 COMPANIONS We list here 21 martyrs who were victims of the fierce religious persecution that in the mid-1930s presumed to eliminate the Church of Spain. Their martyrdom, like that of other priests, sisters, brothers, and lay people, is a...

Franciscus Hubertus Schraven, cm, and Companions

Franciscus Hubertus Schraven, cm, and Companions

FRANCISCUS HUBERTUS SCHRAVEN, CM, AND COMPANIONS (1873-1937) The Servant of God, Franciscus Hubertus Schraven, was born in Lottum (a hamlet within the municipality of Grubbenvorst, Province of Limbourg, Netherlands) on 13 October 1873. On 30 September 1894, Frans...

Janez Strašek, cm

Janez Strašek, cm

JANEZ STRAŠEK, CM (1906-1947) Born in Slake on 11 December 1906, to Janez and Maria Mlaker, a family of fervent Christians. He had two brothers and two sisters. He attended elementary school from 1913 to 1920 in Podčetrtek, his native land. He went to high school in...