The International Formation Center offers an integral program of ongoing Vincentian formation to the members of the Congregation of the Mission. Its aim is to realize the goal of following Jesus Christ the Evangelizer of the poor (Constitutions #1). Our location in Paris enables participants to experience the historical, religious and cultural setting of Saint Vincent’s life and work, and to understand the factors which shaped the history and spirit of the Congregation of the Mission. Visits to “Vincentian Paris” and “Vincentian France” – the places connected with Saint Vincent’s life and mission – create an experience of getting back to our Vincentian roots. Getting to know the world of Monsieur Vincent and the history of the Congregation is balanced by the challenge of understanding and exploring the meaning of our Constitutions and Statues for today’s world, which is remarkably different culturally, economically, politically and religiously from Vincent’s world of 17th century France. The program provides a setting for the personal renewal of each confrere and the formation of an international community. The Eucharist, prayer, personal sharing, celebrations and living together foster a spirit of fraternal communion.

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