Welcome to the Vincentian Endowment Challenge!

The Congregation of the Mission strives to follow Christ in evangelizing the poor. St. Vincent de Paul founded our Roman Catholic community of priests and brothers in France in 1625. Today we serve in 88 countries. Our provinces and vice-provinces in developing regions are growing rapidly. This is a blessing because the needs of the poor in these regions are expansive. This is also a challenge because the financial resources of our confreres in these regions are very limited.

A generous donor (who requests to remain anonymous) has presented us with a multi-million-dollar challenge grant. The grant will create patrimony funds for several of our needy provinces and vice-provinces, and other organizations within the Vincentian Family. Patrimony funds are long-term investments that will generate income for many decades. Our task is to raise the matching monies required by the challenge grant. We are calling our campaign to match the grant the VINCENTIAN ENDOWMENT CHALLENGE.  We hope you will join us!

Father Gregory Gay, C.M., our Superior General, discusses the Patrimony Fund Project in this video:

Learn more about the Congregation of the Mission at www.cmglobal.org
Learn more about the Vincentian Family at www.famvin.org

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