Emeric Amyot d'Inville, C.M.

From July 7 till August 2 a Vincentian Month took place in Paris, discussing the Popular Mission. More than 69 participants from 26 different countries and 35 Provinces of the C.M. joined the meeting.

For the first time this meeting gathered not only members of the C.M.(a Bishop, 53 priests and 1 brother), but also 9 Sisters and 5 lay persons who generally work with us for our missions. Their presence has been a clear enrichment for everybody and witness how lively is the cooperation of the Congregation with the Sisters and lay people.

Moreover the Month proved to be the opportunity of a deep exchange among missionaries, through the lectures - most of them were provided by the participants themselves - and the moments of sharing of experiences. The participants could share both in a large group and divided by linguistic groups. Everybody could experience such an extreme variety among us, but also a substantial convergence around the same Vincentian charisma.

Many guided tours throughout France, visiting our principal Vincentian places (Folleville, Paris, le Berceau and Châtillon) were most appreciated and represented a meaningful pilgrimage going back to our roots. The peak of spiritual enjoyment was the trip to Berceau, where Fr. Maloney gave a day retreat and gave birth to a moment of sharing among all the participants.

At the end of the Vincentian Month a «Final Document» has been drawn up. It has been consigned to the Superior General. In this document there are 10 proposals, approved by the participants, in order to give popular mission a new stimulus among us.

Vincentiana is proud to publish in this issue both all the texts of the talks given during the Vincentian Month and the «Final Document». May all that be a contribution for those who are engaged in the Popular Mission and in the Congregation.

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